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Prayers For Those Who Grieve

Look Inside Prayers for Those Who Grieve


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   Before you take this journey,
   I want to briefly share my heart and hope with you.

   As you pour out your intimate cries to the God
   who loves you and sees you,
   let the tears fall where they may.

   While this book is meant to be a safe haven for all you
   are wrestling with right now—
   it’s also a dangerous place to let it all out.

   A place to let go—and let God.

   A place to expose and release the depths
   of your grief and despair.

   Take it with you wherever you go,
   just in case you find yourself in a moment of
   mourning that needs expression.

   Journaling my thoughts and prayers has been
   invaluable to my intimate relationship with the Lord.
   In fact, journaling has allowed me to express tumultuous
   emotions in a way that has brought deep healing and freedom.

   He’s listening!

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