LCN Organization

Learn about the Leukodystrophy Care Network (LCN) Vision, Mission, Core Values, Strategy, Leadership, and Coordinating Center.

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LCN Coordinating Center

The LCN is a network of Centers administered through a Coordinating Center.

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LCN Leadership

The LCN Steering Committee is comprised of family members affected by Leukodystrophy and provides leadership, direction and oversight for the LCN.

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LCN Care Centers

The LCN Centers provide innovative therapies, treatment options, expert care and information to families affected by Leukodystrophies. 

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LCN Clinical Care Coordinators

The LCN is committed to providing patient-centered, multidisciplinary, expert care to all individuals affected by Leukodystrophies. The Clinical Care Coordinator is crucial to implementing these standards at each Leukodystrophy Care Center.

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LCN Clinical Practice Guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines establish a published, peer-reviewed standard of care to ensure that individuals with Leukodystrophy have the best possible medical care, improving length and quality of life.

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LCN Funding Support

The LCN is a not-for-profit and depends on public support to fund programs critical to making world class care and resources available to all who are affected. With your support major programs including Certified Care Centers, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Education and Awareness, Data Registry, and Family Support are changing lives.

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