Quiet Time with The Lord

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All proceeds from the sale of this book go to the Hunter's Hope Foundation.

Created: April 29, 2020, Print Book: US Trade (6 x 9 in / 152 x 229 mm), Standard Black & White, 60# White, Coil Bound, Glossy Cover.

This book was written for Christians whose greatest desire is for their life to be fully surrendered to God, to live in His Presence, and enjoy Him forever.

These thoughts came from the hearts of well-known Christians from years past:

A.W Tozer, Andrew Murray, Arthur Pink, Michael Molinos, Jeanne Guyon, Frances Fenelon, C.S. Lewis, Jerry Bridges, Dallas Willard, Charles Spurgeon, William Wilberforce, Oswald Chambers, Frank Laubach, Brother Lawrence, Hudson Taylor, Thomas Kempis, Henry Drummond, Thomas Watson, Jeremiah Burroughs, John Bunyon, and many more.

These men, like the Apostles, lived their lives in total surrender to Christ Jesus, their Savior, our Savior.

We can learn from them.

We can join them in full surrender to God, our Lord and King.

This book has 365 thoughts (one for each day of the year) for you to ponder with God. This book is a devotional and a journal.

Before turning to one of the thoughts, prepare your heart by praying the prayers on the next pages: The Lord’s Prayer and Psalm 63.

Try not to just say them, but pray them, meditate on them, and talk with God about what they mean to Him.

Then turn to the page number for the day of the year, or search for a thought in the Table of Thoughts at the end of this book, or just open to any page as God leads you.

Ponder the thought with God. Ask Him what it means. What do the words mean? You may want to look some of the words up in the dictionary, or in the Bible. Ponder on the meaning of the words used in the thought. Ask God to enlighten your heart to what He may be telling you as you talk with Him and ponder together.

As examples, you will find a few of my thoughts throughout this book. They are just simple examples. You and God will have lots to talk about when you meet with Him. You will come up with thoughts together that aren’t in this book. You may want to write them down on the blank pages at the end of this book.

Also, you may enjoy reading through the Table of Thoughts that are at the back of this book.

Enjoy your time with the Lord.

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