The inception of the Hunter Kelly Legacy Endowment took place on January 4, 2024, marked by an initial donation of $10,000 from Jerry and Jacque Waggoner, Hunter’s grandparents. Both the Waggoner and Kelly Families have committed to ongoing contributions to this fund, and they extend an invitation for others to join in the effort to enhance this endowment. The ultimate goal is to provide enduring financial support for the Hunter Kelly Legacy Program.

The Endowment is a principle-protected investment fund. The interest generated by the Endowment will be reinvested in the fund until January 4, 2029. After this date, the interest generated will be available to support the Hunter Kelly Legacy Program.

Hunter Kelly Legacy Program

The program’s goal is to finance endeavors in line with the mission of spreading the hope of Jesus Christ. This includes diverse initiatives like the Podcast, Scripture Booklets, Books, Bears, Retreats, and other projects dedicated to promoting the message of Hope in Christ.

Join Our Family

Please help the Kelly and Waggoner families in preserving Hunter’s Legacy and the message of Hope in Christ for future generations by contributing to the Hunter Kelly Legacy Endowment.

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