The Hunter’s Hope “Light Your Heart With Hope” Podcast is founded on the belief that our stories matter… not just in the here and now but for eternity. We share real-life stories of hope in heartbreak, purpose in pain, and beauty in brokenness.

Family Stories

Twenty-two families were interviewed in the first 3 Seasons of the Podcast. Most of the families interviewed have or had a child affected by Leukodystrophy, the disease Hunter Kelly suffered from. While these families’ stories are filled with brokenness and grief, they are also filled with immeasurable beauty, joy, hope, and faith in Jesus.

Immeasurably More

Throughout the first 3 Seasons, Jill and Erin shared weekly ”Immeasurably More Mini Messages” where they had real, honest, open conversations about life, faith, family, hope, and so much more! They dived deeper into the powerful truths shared during each week’s family episode.

Mental Health

In May 2023, in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Erin Kelly-Bean and Jill Kelly shared their personal mental health stories. They discussed their journeys through grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, counseling, and more. Their hope was that the listener would be encouraged that they’re not alone in the midst of their own mental health story. After the overwhelming support and impact that these episodes had on so many, Erin and Jill decided to continue the conversation about mental health in Season 4. During Erin’s mental health story, she shared 10 Truths to Anchor You in Healing – valuable, life-changing things that Erin learned in her own healing journey. Season 4 was dedicated to diving deeper into each of these truths.

Special Messages

You can also find Special Messages which are real-time messages that apply to events and experiences in real-time. Erin shares various messages that God places on her heart in hopes of encouraging others with the encouragement she’s received from God. Other messages include Jill remembering Hunter on his birthday and Heaven Day. The focus of prayer when Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and the nation began to pray. Fun conversations with Jim Kelly about the upcoming Buffalo Bills football season. In addition, there are various special messages following the life of the Kellys, what they have experienced, and what God is doing in their lives.

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Stories of HOPE in heartbreak, PURPOSE in pain, BEAUTY in brokenness.
Hosted by @ekelly1212

The Light Your Heart With Hope podcast is founded on the belief that our stories matter... not just in the here and now, but for eternity. We share testimonies of hope that point to the greater hope found in Christ. Our prayer is that you will be encouraged to share your own story. No matter what you've walked through, you have a story to share. One that can make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow.

What people are saying...

"Listened to the podcast yesterday and I want to thank you for being so brave and honest! Thank you for sharing your story! God is so good and so faithful!" ~ Rita

"I loved your podcast episode. Had me in tears. It's not easy being vulnerable like that. But the amount of people you can help when you choose courage over fear." ~ Ben

"I listened to your most recent podcast this weekend. I believe that your honesty will help so many people... God is LIGHT - I'm so grateful for your courage to bring scary, needy, and vulnerable parts of your story to light." ~ Anna

"Over the past few days, I listened to the Light Your Heart With Hope podcasts about mental health... You are both a blessing. You care for people and are always striving to advance God's kingdom. All for His glory." ~ Jen

"Listened to your recent podcast yesterday. You are so brave and so encouraging. I know in my heart you have helped others not feel alone and to seek professional help if they need it." ~ Lina

"Listened to your podcast today. I was inspired by it. Thank you for sharing your mental health journey. So much needs to be done in this area." ~ Mary

"Thank you for sharing your heart, your pain, and your honesty with all of us. You are such an example and role model for the rest of us. Thank you." ~ Lauralee

"Wow, just finished listening to the podcast. It is so powerful and amazing! I felt the power of God through both of you and this testimony/podcast is going to change lives! You are glorifying God and an inspiration to us all! Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to share this! ~ Kristin

"I felt like I was in the room with you! And I cried with you, but I also rejoiced at how you wove God's grace and faithfulness in so seamlessly. I could see and feel HIM in your story! God is so good!!!" ~ Jen

"I felt every bit of your being. You are the real thing. I also needed to hear it, not realizing when I started it. Your pain and joy is a beacon of faith. Ty"  ~ Dr. Laura


Erin Kelly Bean

Erin is the oldest daughter of Jim Kelly, Founder and President of the Hunter’s Hope Foundation and retired Pro Football Hall of Fame Quarterback, and his wife, Jill, Hunter’s Hope Chairman of the Board. Erin is the oldest of three children; younger sister Camryn, 23, and younger brother Hunter (February 14, 1997 – August 5, 2005).

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Mental Health Messages

We were inspired to share our mental health journeys during Mental Health Awareness Month, May 2023.

An overwhelming response has inspired us to focus on Mental Health in Season 4.

Here are the ten truths you can look forward to hearing more about.

  1. Speak the truth out loud.
  2. Choose your hard.
  3. Labels do not define you.
  4. We don’t heal in isolation.
  5. Let others be your vision until yours comes back into focus.
  6. Feelings aren’t facts.
  7. You can’t selectively numb.
  8. You can’t heal in hiding.
  9. God loves you and He won’t change his mind.
  10. You are worth it.
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Immeasurably More!

with Jill Kelly and Erin Kelly Bean

I am so excited to have my mom join me every week for mini episodes where we have real, honest, open conversations about life, faith, family, hope, and so much more!

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Special Messages

Special Messages are messages that God has placed on our hearts that we feel led to share.

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Inspiring Quotes

This booklet is inspired by our Light Your Heart With Hope podcast! It is filled with wonderful inspirational quotes from our podcast guests.

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