“Those of us who knew Hunter will tell you that he changed us in profound ways. The grass somehow appeared greener, and the array of beauty that colors our world and the intricate details of creation became more vibrant. Simple things we were usually too busy to appreciate filled us with gratitude because, incredibly, God used the simplicity of the common to show us how uncommon simple things really are.

Hunter loved life… all of it. His suffering didn’t take away from his ability to enjoy life; it only made him enjoy what he could that much more.”

~ Excerpt from ‘Without a Word’, Chapter 8, ‘Hunter at One and Two’


The Light Your Heart With Hope podcast, hosted by Erin Kelly-Bean, is founded on the belief that our stories matter… not just in the here and now, but for eternity. We share testimonies of hope that point to the greater hope found in Christ. Our prayer is that you will be encouraged to share your own story. No matter what you’ve walked through, you have a story to share. One that can make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow.

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Books to Inspire

Inspiration and Hope

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Kelly Family Story

“Love Endures where joy and sorrow meet.” ~ Anonymous

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Hunter’s Day of Hope and Prayer for Children (HDHPC)

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