We’ve come so far, but there is still more work to be done to help save children’s lives. No effort is too big or too small – it takes all of us working as a team to make a difference!


Hunter's Hero

Make a big difference with a small monthly gift!
When you become a Hunter’s Hero you join a special group of valued partners who are dedicated to helping children with a Leukodystrophy receive the support and quality of care they need.

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Strategic Partners

Thanks to the passionate support and commitment of our partners, we are able to fund our Leukodystrophy Care Network, research, support families affected by these devastating diseases, and advocate for Newborn Screening.

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LCN Funding Support

The Leukodystrophy Care Network (LCN) is comprised of many different groups of people, all working together for a single cause, improving the quality of life of children affected by Leukodystrophies. Join the LCN Funding Support Network here.

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Your Special Fundraiser

If you have an idea for a fundraising campaign or event, please let us know by contact our office at 716-667-1200, or emailing info@www.huntershope.org.

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Jim Kelly's NFL Draft Party

Jim Kelly’s NFL Draft Party is an exclusive sponsor-only event with the opportunity for you to watch the 2022 NFL Draft with the Kelly Family.

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What happens when a person or community gets involved in serving, devoting your God-given talents and passions to accomplishing a mission and plan? Now, think about being able to help save a child’s life…the opportunity to be part of something so gratifying!

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