Imagine Heaven

Join John Burke as he shares his book, Imagine Heaven. It is an inspirational journey through the Bible’s picture of heaven, colored in with the real-life stories of heaven’s wonders. Burke compares gripping stories of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) to what Scripture says about our biggest questions of heaven: Will I be myself? Will I see friends and loved ones? What will it look like? What is God like? What will we do forever? What about children and pets? This book will propel readers into an experience that will forever change their view of the life to come and the way they live life today. It also tackles the tough questions of heavenly reward and hellish NDEs. Anyone interested in NDEs or longing to imagine heaven more clearly will enjoy this fascinating and hope-filled book. This video is a recording from the Hunter’s Hope 2022 Symposium.

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Author: John Burke
Imagine Heaven