Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Medical Symposium – Day 1

State Labs Newborn Screening Presentations
NY – Dr. Joseph Orsini
MO – Tracy Klug
KY – Dr. Sainan Wei
OH – Dr. Margie Ream
TN – Dr. George Dizikes
IL – Dr. Khaja Basheeruddin
NJ – Miriam Schachter
PA – Angela Gumby
IN – Barb Lesko
SC – Kimberly Seals

Krabbe NBS Council & Krabbe NBS Guidelines
Presenters: Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, Dr. Joseph Orsini, Dr. Robert Thompson-Stone, and Dr. Dieter Matern

EIKD NBS Case Study
Presenters: Dr. Kristin Page and Dr. Margie Ream

Krabbe NBS Patient Perspective Survey 
Presenters: Natasha Spencer and Christin Webb

ALD NBS Guidelines 
Presenters: Dr. Ali Fatemi, Dr. Eric Mallack, and Dr. Molly Regelmann

ALD NBS Parent Guidelines
Presenter: Miranda McAuliffe

MLD NBS Pilot and Next Steps
Presenter: Dr. Michael Gelb

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Medical Symposium – Day 2

Treatment for ALD, CTX, Krabbe, and MLD
Presenters: Dr. Florian Eichler and Dr. Ali Fatemi
DUOC for Leukodystrophies
Presenter: Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg
CTX (Treatment & Guidelines)
Presenters: Dr. Andrea DeBarber and Dr. Brian Wishart
**We are unable to share the MLD and Krabbe Treatment Presentations per the request of those presenters.

LCN Certified Centers
Presenters: Dr. Josh Bonkowsky, Dr. Ali Fatemi, Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg, Catie Becker, Dr. Jennifer Rubin, Dr. Eric Mallack, and Dr. Stephanie Keller

LCN Telemedicine
Presenters: Connor Murray and Kim Hollandsworth

LCN Center Care Coordinators
Presenters: Catie Becker and the LCN Care Coordinators

LCN Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG)
Diagnosis – Dr. Maura Ruzhnikov
Seizures – Dr. Eric Mallack
Neurology Family Companion – Catie Becker
Respiratory – Dr. Geovanny Perez

Family Perspective by Amy May