ALD Line

Aidan Jack Seeger was born July 21, 2004, a big, bouncing, blue-eyed baby. Aidan was walking by 9 months, met all his milestones, and loved playing soccer and chess. Little did we know he had ALD (adrenoleukodystrophy) that was silently ravaging his brain. In the middle of first grade, Aidan started having some vision problems - where we thought he needed glasses. After many doctors visits and finally to a neurologist, who performed an MRI, we learned Aidan had ALD. This was in June 2011. We embarked on a mission to save his life and went to the University of Minnesota - where we were told he had damage to his brain, a high Loes score, but was still eligible for a bone marrow transplant. After a second opinion at Duke University in North Carolina, we opted to stay there and Aidan was transplanted on July 21, 2011 - his 7th birthday. The fight for newborn screening continues as we try to make every state compliant with the RUSP - the Federal Recommended Uniform Screening Panel.

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