Caruso Family Line

Anthony Peter Caruso was born on Thanksgiving Day, 11/28/1974. He was the perfect baby, always smiling, never fussy, and appeared completely normal. At 4 months old, Anthony was still not able to hold up his head.

He suddenly stopped smiling and laughing and we thought that he may have not been feeling well. He started to cry inconsolably nonstop. The pediatrician set up a consultation with a team of neurologists who recommended that we bring Anthony to a larger hospital. He was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease.

Anthony was prescribed phenobarbital for seizures which kept him comfortable. There were no other options back then. Most children at that time were institutionalized and my greatest concern was not the prognosis but that I would not be able to keep him home. At 13 months old, Anthony was hospitalized with pneumonia and lost the ability to swallow. He was released from the hospital despite that fact and my protests. I spent hours feeding him liquids from an eyedropper. He was dehydrated and we rushed back to the hospital. He was readmitted and I was taught how to place an NG tube for feeding.

When Anthony was 20 months old he stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital where he was placed on a ventilator. He eventually was removed from the ventilator but his disease had progressed and he passed peacefully in my arms while I sang to him on August 27, 1976.

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