Light your Heart with Hope 2021 Booklet (10 Booklets)

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Bringing Hope to the Hurting - Booklet 1
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*Please note that the booklets are only available in quantities of 10.

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About the Scripture Booklet...

Sometimes life is hard. From the events happening around the world to the heartbreak in our own homes - life circumstances can become so difficult that we often feel helpless and hopeless. But, the good news is, there is GOOD NEWS!

There is help and there is hope!

That’s what this booklet is about, hope for today and hope for eternity.

For over 20 years, in various ways, the Hunter’s Hope Foundation has had the amazing opportunity to encourage and comfort countless children and families.

This booklet is another way to do what we have been called to do - bring hope to the hurting - and not just for all of the families we know and love, but for you too.

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