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Thank you for the continued prayers
and encouragement for our
Co-Founder Jim Kelly and his family.

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see pics from our families wishing Jim well.

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Welcome to Hunter's Hope!

HopeSpot_ResearchLearn about all the research projects currently being coordinated through the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute in this issue of The HopeSpot.
What is The HopeSpot?
Hunter’s Hope mails periodic updates about the exciting work being accomplished through the Foundation. Each issue of The HopeSpot highlights a different program: Research, Family Support, and Education & Awareness, giving you the inside scoop on what we’ve been working on and how you can become more involved.

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If a child you know received a positive screen for Krabbe Disease through newborn screening,
please click here
for more information on what to do next.


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The Kelly Family Story
Learn more about our family
and how God used our precious son Hunter, who never spoke a word, to change our lives forever...
  Wall of Fame
With great honor we present to you
children affected by Leukodystrophy...

Hunter James Kelly (2/14/97-8/5/05)

Find out what diseases your state screens for, how you can purchase supplemental newborn screening for Krabbe and similar diseases, & more...


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The Kelly Family's greatest passion is to bring encouragement and hope to families in the midst of suffering.
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