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A Greater Purpose in Pain

Have you ever wondered how there could possibly be purpose in your pain? Maybe you’re looking at the storm in front of you and can’t see a way out of the suffering. Or you feel alone and abandoned by God. Maybe you’re questioning how he could ever turn it around for good.

In their message, Kristal and her son Wyatt share their story, and how God walked with them every step of the way showing them that there was a greater purpose in their pain. They share the struggle and the strength that was birthed through it. And ultimately, they point to a good God who had a greater purpose all along.

I pray that after listening to Kristal and Wyatt you will have hope that God has a purpose in the midst of your pain too.


Kristal and Wyatt Abner

Abner Family Story

Chris & Kristal Abner were married on March 4, 2005. Living in San Diego CA, Chris had started boot camp for the Marine Corps shortly after they started dating. Together they weathered boot camp, training schools, combat deployment, and training operations. They had their first baby, a son, Wyatt, on June 19, 2007, while Chris was deployed on his 4th deployment. Though Chris wasn’t home for the birth of Wyatt, he tragically hit an IED on that deployment in October and was sent home on medical leave where he was finally able to meet his then 6-month-old son. They were soon expecting their second baby Katelynn who was born on October 31, 2008, only 15 months after Wyatt.

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