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Inherent Joy

What if joy can be found in the simple things? The things we disregard as though they are insignificant. But what if there is great significance in the seemingly insignificant things in this world? What if joy can be found even in seasons of suffering?

In today’s episode, Bobbi shares her story of faith in the God who brought joy out of sorrow. Her story is filled with life and hope. She is a testimony of simple faith and inherent joy.


Bobbi Blanchard

I started my walk with Christ rather later than I’d have preferred (my late twenties) but was blessed with a wonderful husband, three beautiful children, the privilege of being a stay at home mom, a nice home, financial security and a Savior. I was pretty sure we had it all. If you had asked me then if I believed in a prosperity gospel, I would have firmly told you “no”. Even as a fairly new Christian, I had spent enough time in the Word to know that loving God and following Christ were not an insurance policy against pain and suffering. In fact, I knew that we were supposed to expect it in a fallen world. I even knew that some afflictions were allowed in order to reveal God’s glory. But somewhere deep down, I must have been hoping that we would be spared anything too painful for our good and His glory.

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