Beth, Eden, and Estela

Podcast Episode Show Notes

Find Your People

Maybe you feel like all your people disappeared the moment darkness entered your story. People who promised to be there and love you but left when things got hard.

If this is you, I believe you will connect with Beth and her amazing story. When her daughter, Eden, was diagnosed with a fatal disease and years later went to heaven, Beth lost her closest friends. The people in her life she thought would stand by her side in the midst of the suffering. Although it broke her heart to watch people walk out of her life, she watched God bring life and hope into her loneliness.

When people left, He brought new people into her life. People she didn’t even know she needed. But God did… He knew the people Beth needed in her life during her season of suffering. And he knows the people you need in your life too.


Beth Brooks


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About the Disease

Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD) is one of many diseases in a disease family called Leukodystrophies. Learn more about Leukodystrophies here.

Learn more about MLD here.

About Newborn Screening

Learn more about how early detection through Newborn Screening saves lives.