Jason, Tonya, Grant, and Grace

Podcast Episode Show Notes

God Is Writing Your Story

“God is writing our story. This isn’t our story to write.”

What happens when your story doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would…
When hope seems lost.
Dreams are shattered.
Pain persists.

What if we entrusted our story to the One who wrote it?
What if we believed that He was working every detail together for good?
What if we surrendered tomorrow to the God who already knows what tomorrow holds?

In Tonya’s message, she shares her story of faith, hope, gratitude, and trusting in the God who provides in seasons of pain. Even when her circumstances didn’t go the way she hoped, she kept her eyes on the eternal hope found in Christ.

God is writing your story. He is proving in every page. There’s not a chapter that’s missing.


Tonya Goodin

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Their Story

Rare disease can be invisible.  Our family has never looked much different than other families.  Our children Grant (age 9) and Grace (age 11) have always been very active.  Grace has been in dance since she was three years old.  Grant loves playing baseball, basketball, his guitar and harmonica.  Our children had slight needs such as needing speech therapy and occupational therapy to fine tune things, but nothing that ever screamed RARE disease.

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About the Disease

Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency (MSD) is a rare, genetic disease which causes a build up of natural cellular waste throughout the body and leads to a premature death – normally before age 10 years. It is often described as “Alzheimers in a child.”is one of many diseases in a disease family called Leukodystrophies.

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About Newborn Screening

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