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God’s Presence in Your Pain

The presence of pain can often seem to overshadow the presence of God.
But what if it’s our pain that points to His presence?
What if it’s in our seasons of grief where He draws near?

In today’s message, Dianna shares her story of faith. She talks about her journey of grief and how God met her in the midst of it. Even when she questioned God, she had a deep abiding trust in Him. And it was through her grief that she learned to rely on God’s presence in her pain.


Dianna Greene

My name is Dianna Greene. I have been married to the love of my life, Jeff for 21 years. We are a blended family with Jeff having two daughters from a previous marriage and me having 5 children from previous marriage plus we have a daughter together. I am Mom to Jodi, Anthony, Joshua, Ashley, Dakota and Dalton and stepmom to Selina and Nicole.

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