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Jesus is Everything

“Jesus is Everything! He’s the Light of Day. He’s the Stars at Night. He’s the Love That Your Feel… Jesus is Everything!” ~ Scarlett

Maybe you’re in the midst of your own season of suffering. Questioning God. Crying out to him for help. Searching for anything to bring you comfort and relief. Wondering if healing will come or if you’ll ever find joy again.

But maybe, after listening to Scarlett, you’ll find a greater hope beyond your hurt… a hope that can only be found in Jesus.


Scarlett Measles

God is my refuge. The One I go to when life becomes too much for me to bear. He never fails to strengthen all that is weak.
I lived a happy, healthy childhood. I was brought up in the church and knew Jesus. Though, as I grew older, I began losing sight of the Lord and how blessed I truly was.

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