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The God Who Loves You More

Maybe you’re going through a season of pain and wondering if God hears your desperate cry for help or if He’s even there at all. Or maybe you’re questioning if He loves you.

Valerie’s shares how she wrestled with God during the most difficult season of her life and how through that season God revealed his amazing love to her. I hope that after listening to her story you will see God’s amazing love for you too.


Valerie Phillips

Hello.  I’m so thankful for this opportunity.  I am so hopeful that some words I may have shared during this podcast will bring a listener comfort and peace.

My son, Nick, was diagnosed with Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) at age 6.  He had had a normal, happy life until then and suddenly all of that was shattered as he quickly lost so many of his physical abilities, but, thankfully, never his mental abilities.

I was so angry at God for allowing this to happen to our precious son.  How could a loving God allow this horribleness, I thought.  A year and a half after Nick was diagnosed with this horror, God spoke to me one night.  Not out loud.  I don’t think you would’ve heard it if you were there.  But it was God.  I had been yelling to God about how much I love Nick and Why? Why? Why?  And God said “I know, I love him more.”  In that moment, there was such an enveloping of love that I wanted to stay in that moment forever.  There was no anger at me, only kindness, gentleness and love.  In all our pain and agony, I had forgotten that God loves Nick more.  He loves you and me more too. He always has and always will!

I have written this book “I Love Him More” to share our family’s journey through this life and, specifically, Nick’s victorious life.  I hope, if you read it, you are blessed.  

I Love Him More by Valerie Phillips (Book)

I Love Him More tells Nick’s story and that of his family-a tale of hope, peace, perseverance, and ultimate victory. It follows him from the beginning, through his diagnosis and life with the disease to his passing at the age of twenty-three. This personal narrative and testimony shares a young man’s love for his family and his Heavenly Father, his family’s love for him, and God’s love for them all and for all of you. If you are suffering, you can find encouragement and warmth in the love presented here and know that you are never alone in this life.

Order your copy of I Love Him More here.

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