David, Tammy, Melaney, Mason, Bryce, Marshall, Michael

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God’s Hand in Your Plans

What if regardless of your circumstances you were able to see God’s hand and His presence in your life?

In Tammy’s message, she shares her incredible journey with us about how God prepared her and helped her walk through a life journey she never would have imagined walking through.

She encouraged us to see God’s hand at work in our lives… especially in the most devasting and heartbreaking circumstances.


Tammy Wilson

We are The Wilson’s, from Oregon. David and I, Tammy, have been together for 22 years, married for 21. Our oldest is Melaney (21), Mason (19) Bryce (14) Angel Marshall (13), and Michael (11). Marshall was born a healthy normal baby. Just before his first birthday, Marshall began to show symptoms, and a few months later, he was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease. Marshall’s prognosis was two years max. Gracefully, Marshall lived beyond his prognosis, earning his Angel Wings and FREE of Disease just a few months short of his seventh birthday in 2016. Marshall’s 2 month-baby brother, Michael, was diagnosed with the same disease one month following Marshall’s diagnosis. At four months of age, Michael received a life-saving SCBT (Stem-Cell Cord Blood) transplant. Michael is now 11 years old and lives a very normal life of a boy, KRABBE FREE.

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About the Disease

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About Newborn Screening

Learn more about how early detection through Newborn Screening saves lives.

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