About Hunter Kelly

Learn about Hunter and his journey with Krabbe disease, through a Message of Love from his mom, Jill. There are videos of Hunter doing fun things as Hunter could do them, stories about him, along with photos and quotes from those who knew and loved him.

Prayers of Hope for the Brokenhearted

Jill Kelly Prayers of Hope

Sometimes the deepest hurts are the most difficult to express. Times of heartbreak and sorrow can also be times of great loneliness, when it seems you bear unbearable burdens by yourself. As you let these prayers become your own, you can trust that God is very present. You can believe that He sees each tear, hears… Read more »

Without a Word

Without a Word

Without a Word is more than a memoir, this book contains a mother’s heart – pieces of precious, journaled memories engraved on her soul – as well as her long journey from resentment to forgiveness as a wife. Here, too, are intimate reflections from Jim and from those who walked with the Kellys through the… Read more »