The Malfara Family

When Morgan was 10 weeks old, he started to demonstrate symptoms of colic, and our doctor simply suggested different holistic remedies we could try to alleviate his discomfort. However, as time went on his pain got worse, his round-the-clock screaming episodes escalated, and he failed to meet his 4-month developmental milestones. Morgan was evaluated by… Read more »

The McIntyres

Bethany, the seventh child of David and Lindey McIntyre, was born in London, Canada on April 1st, 1993. Bethany was born as normal as her brothers and sisters and her early life saw steady development, obtaining the usual milestones. Bethany’s only difficulty seemed to be her late progression in walking. She demonstrated a difficulty with… Read more »

The Wallace Family

The Wallace Family Jackson was a thriving baby boy for the first five months of his life. He was at the top of the charts in height and weight, hitting all of his developmental milestones on time or early, and was an all-around cheerful baby boy. At the five month mark we began to notice… Read more »

Thank You, for 20 Years of Hope

Dear Friends, Words cannot express the joy that our family has experienced, because of our precious son Hunter (02/14/97 – 08/08/05), and the many beautiful Leukodystrophy children and families we have been blessed to meet over the last 20 years. Little did Jim and I know, when we first heard the word Leukodystrophy, that our… Read more »

The Webbs

Webb Family Hunters Hope

Kyle, Christin, Mabry Kate and Owen Webb To tell the story of sweet Owen, we must first start with the story of his sister, Mabry Kate. Mabry Kate was born seemingly happy and healthy on March 13, 2014. She was cooing, smiling, and interacting like most babies do until she was almost three months of… Read more »