When our daughter, Anna, was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease, it felt like all of my months of parenting experience completely went out the window. As her primary caregiver at home, I struggled with how to bridge the gap between helping her live her life and preparing for the health changes to come. Coupled with my own grief regarding her diagnosis, how could I help my child thrive when the whole world told me she was dying?

I was watching a cartoon with Anna one day when one of the characters said, “A grateful heart is a happy heart.” It was a lightning bolt moment. From that instant, I began to find the gratitude in each moment, which in turned helped me to be the capable parent she needed. Seeing Anna’s face light up when the wind tickled her toes, having a pain-free day, squishing her hands in finger paint, lying on the beach with her friend; it all became an example of God’s grace on earth through her life.

Seeing those day-to-day examples of grace and goodness helped me seek them out even further. And when she passed, that gratitude became harder to find on some days, but never completely went away. I’ve had many moments of self-pity and absolute ungratefulness, and I know I’ll have many more. But God gave me Anna. Though she is no longer here in my arms, I will always praise Him for the 23 months I had with her here on Earth.

~ Sarai Taylor
Mother of Anna Taylor (4/28/13 – 4/2/15)


Dear Lord,
Thank You for the love and grace You pour out, even on those days I have been less than thankful.
You make a way in the desert places and Your mercy is unending.
Lord, I know when I sing my song of broken praise, that You give these barren arms holy purpose.
You give me hope for a future in You, when this weary world seems hopeless.
May that hope in You never depart my heart.
In Jesus’ name,

Psalm 118:1

Give thanks to the Lord,
for He is good;
His love endures forever