It has been almost 16 years since my son, Hunter left this earth for his heavenly home. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday when we said, “goodbye”. Sometimes it feels like a thousand years. I guess that’s the ebb and flow of grief. I’m not really sure, but what I do know is that it still hurts. All these years later I still feel the pain of losing my one and only son. I just feel the emptiness that his presence used to fill. I still miss his handsome face and beautiful green eyes. I miss everything about him, and I imagine I always will.

Not too long ago, I was having one of those mornings. Harder than I’ve had in a really long time. Of course, hard days come and go, but this particular day was different. I did what I usually do, but my usual coping mechanisms weren’t helping. So, I decided to go for a walk.

As I walked down the street I started crying. You know, the ugly kind of cry. My tears were mixed with frustration, fear, and deep sorrow. I was praying and asking God lots of hard questions. “Where are you, God? Do you see what’s going on? Why haven’t You intervened yet? Do you even care about all of this pain?” I just kept walking and cry-ing and praying until I was completely exhausted. I accumulated over 10,000 steps that day for all of you step trackers, LOL.

When I finally arrived back at our driveway, I had cried every last tear and poured out everything on my heart. I walked over to our mailbox to grab the mail and much to my surprise there was a small pot of flowers sitting there with a note. The note read, “I’m thinking of you and praying for you…” And in that moment, standing in front of my mailbox, holding a small pot of flowers and note of encouragement in my hand, I was comforted.

You are not alone in what you’re going through.
God sees you and knows exactly what you need and when you need it.
He hears every cry and cares about every tear.
He is the God of all comfort.

Comfort – that’s what this book is about.
And it’s my hope and prayer that as you read these pages you’ll not only be comforted, but you’ll want to know the Father of all Comfort that much more.
We’re all in this together my friend and fellow sufferer.

One day at a time.
One prayer at a time.
All in God’s perfect timing.

~ Jill Kelly
Mother of Hunter Kelly (2/14/97-8/5/05)