I was lost and alone before You came to me.

I was full of shame until You set me free.

I was selfish, stubborn, and shallow before I knew You.

I was blind and could not see all that You had given me.

I was lost and afraid.

I was restless and lonely.

Before You rescued me I was wrapped up in a life of destruction and despair.

But then You came and You gave.

You gave Your precious life away and saved me.

My sin, my life apart from You, was nailed on that cross.

You were pierced for my transgressions and crushed for my iniquities, and the punishment that I deserved, that brought me peace, was upon You, my Jesus.

Because of You, I am saved.

Because of Your suffering, Your wounds, I am healed!

I am free!

You did it all…

For me.

Not because I deserved it, and not because I was worthy, but because of Your great love.

Because of Your perfection and the purposes in Your heart.

You are amazing.


Thank You, Lord.

Thank You for all You have done to give me abundant life even in the midst of a broken world.

Thank You for helping me to see my trials in light of all that You have done.

Thank You for knowing me and loving me before I ever knew You.