Prayers of Hope for the Brokenhearted by Jill Kelly.

Sometimes the deepest hurts are the most difficult to express. Times of heartbreak and sorrow can also be times of great loneliness, when it seems you bear unbearable burdens by yourself.

As you let these prayers become your own, you can trust that God is very present. You can believe that He sees each tear, hears each cry of pain, and listens closely to each whispered plea. You can know that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

What More Can I Do?

I’ve done all that I can.

I’ve prayed until my knees are calloused.

I’ve loved until my heart is threadbare.

I’ve given until I’ve scraped the bottom.

I’ve reached out until my arms ache and my soul throbs.

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Louder Than Words

I’m sorry, Lord, I blew it again.

Why is it easy to call you “Lord” and yet not live as thought I believe the things You say?

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The battle rages, fierce and relentless, tearing me to pieces. My flesh longs for comfort and ease.

My mind sifts through the clutter, parroting a muddled to-do list that grows long enough to cover my fridge.

I need to be quiet. I need rest.

You never guaranteed that life would be easy, but You did promise to hear when we call.

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You Are My Rescue

Praise be to the Lord my Rock…

He is my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shiled, in whom I take refuge.

(Psalm 144:1-2)

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Letting Go

I try so hard to hang on.

But I need to let go.

I need to let go of trying to hold on to anything other than the hope I have in You, Jesus.

You are enough.

You are all I need.

You are sufficient.

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Everything Beautiful

Oh Lord, I long for the unfading beauty of a gentle and quite spirit, which is of great worth in Your sight.

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