I’ve done all I can.

I’ve prayed until my knees are calloused.

I’ve loved until my heart is threadbare.

I’ve given until I’ve scraped the bottom.

I’ve reached out until my arms ache and my soul throbs.

What more can I do, Lord?

I’m willing, but I feel so empty and useless.

You know my heart.

You see that I have done all that I can.

Now what?

My armor is beaten and worn.

I’m having trouble fighting the good fight.

My faith seems so ragged and lame.

I need You to engage the enemy and push back the powers of darkness on my behalf.

Please fight for me.

Oh Lord, fill me with courage…the courage to turn the other cheek!

The courage to love those who despise me and hurt me.

The courage to resist locking the doors, closing the shades, and running the other way when my life unravels.

What more can I do but surrender my life and trust that all will be well?

Help me to stand firm and let nothing move me.

No matter what’s going on in my life, help me to always give myself fully to all You would have me do in this world, because I know and believe with all my heart that a life lived for You is not lived in vain.

And so I choose to live for You, believing that even my trail of tears is not in vain.