Lord, You have allowed our family to see and experience deep pain and suffering.

As a result of the journey we are on, allow us to become the people You desire us to be.

Keep bitterness and hatred far from us.

Protect us from hardness of heart and self-pity.

Give us the freedom to express our fears.

Please, Lord, help us to persevere and walk in humility.

Teach us to be thankful no matter what, and bless us with a deep desire to please You.

Lord, change us from the inside out.

As a result of the work You have begun in our hearts, I pray our lives would reflect Your light and truth.

We don’t have to try harder, Lord.

We just need to trust You to finish the work You have started.

Help our family to be an example of what it looks like to have real joy in the midst of deep heartache.

And Lord, allow us to extend the comfort we have received from You to others.