In my brokenness You will make me whole.

You alone can take the shattered fragments of my heart and mend them back together.

Every piece of my life that has brought me to this place of complete desperation has not gone unnoticed by You.

Where I am right now is no surprise to You.

You see me.

You know.

Please strengthen me, Lord.

Be the lifter of my head and the rock on which I stand.

Show me the way out of this place.

Draw me into Your loving embrace.

Lead me to the well where I may drink deeply from Your life.

Come to my rescue and quench my parched and weary soul.

While I wait for You, please keep my heart from growing cold.

Help me to trust in Your perfect plan and purpose for my pain.

My brokenness is beautiful to You because You make all things new.

Your purpose will prevail, though the plans in my heart are many.

I need You.

If this brokenness will allow me to see You more clearly, Lord, then I’m all Yours.

Open my eyes so that I might see a glimpse of what You are doing even now.