This place of anguish and brokenness is horrible.

I feel consumed by sorrow and loneliness.

My mind is being assaulted by the enemy of my soul.

My faith is being hammered with doubt.

Come to my rescue, Lord.

Please keep me from being led astray.

Please protect me from being swallowed up by self-pity and disappointment.

Please bless me with discernment, and help me to be watchful and aware of the enemy’s schemes.

Holy Spirit, renew my mind and let Your peace, which surpasses all understanding rule in and guard my heart.

Demolish everything that sets itself up against the knowledge I have of You and who You are in all Your glory.

And please, Lord, help me to take captive every thought that is not in line with the truth.

Father, when I feel as though the pieces of my life will never be made whole, please remind me that You began a good work in me and You will be faithful to complete it.

Set my mind and heart on things above, where my Savior, Jesus, is seated at Your right hand.

For I am Yours.

My life is hidden with Christ.

In my weakness, when the brokenness of my life tries to drain me of all joy and life, You are my salvation.

You will keep me strong until the end.

You see my misery.

You hear me when I cry.

You know what I need during this time of heartbreak.

And You will come down and rescue me and draw me close to Your heart.

Please help me to focus on what is true and noble, right and pure, lovely and admirable, honorable, praiseworthy and excellent.

Fix my heart on You, Jesus, for You are the Lover of my soul and the Author and Finisher of my faith.