I know You are my Father.

I know You are always with me.

But trials are everywhere I turn, tempting me to deny Your love and mocking my faith in You.

Yet even when my faith falters, You are always faithful.

And when I fall, You tenderly wrap Your arms around me and help me back up again.

Your grace empowers me always.

In repentance and returning I find rest.

I find that hardship and suffering drive me closer to You…to my knees where I always find You.

There’s always a way through where all things become new.

I am comforted with the comfort You have given me.

I can then weep with those who weep and shine for those in darkness.

For You meet me where I am and catch each falling tear.

You redeem each wasted year and soothe each raging fear.

So I glory in my weakness, and I trust in Your strength.

Though burned by fiery trials, in repentance and returning I find rest.