Lord, You alone are the Author of real joy.

We can have joy in the midst of the mundane.

We can have joy in the midst of deep pain.

When everything around us falls apart, we can still have joy.

Sounds good, but is it real?

Is it possible to have joy no matter what?

When tears keep flowing and seem to have no end, is it really possible to have joy?

When dreams are devastated and all hope lost, can joy be found?

When our world has been shattered, can we be joyful?

Without You, Lord, it’s impossible.

Joy doesn’t exist apart from You.

So when everything falls apart and all worldly hope is gone, You are still God and You are there.

In this life we will have trials, but You are the source of joy in the midst of them.

There is no greater joy than knowing You.

You are the real joy we seek.

You are the joy in the midst of our sorrows.

You are the joy that encourages us to press on another day.

Thank You for releasing us from the burden of seeking joy in all the wrong places.

Thank You for rescuing us from the longing to find happiness in worldly things.

Forgive us for desiring anything more than You.

Lord, in You we find fullness of joy!