Oh Lord, be my first love.

All that I am and all that I have are Yours.

Increase my passion and desire for You.

Why do I yearn for what can never satisfy?

Why do I look beyond Your tender arms for love and security?

You are my satisfaction.

Help me to want nothing more than more of You.

Keep my wandering heart from going astray.

You are the answer to all my hopes and dreams.

You are everything!

You see the depths of who I am and You love me anyway.

Help me to be content in You.

Fill my emptiness, Lord.

Please continue to break down the walls of bondage around my heart.

Keep me far from unforgiveness and bitterness.

You are the lover of my soul.

Your love reaches into my deepest pain and revives me.

Nothing and no one compares to You.

I’m alive in Your love.