Lord, sometimes I feel as though everything around me is falling apart.

I feel so out of control – tired and useless.

I don’t even have the energy to raise my head off my pillow each morning.

I’m scared, Lord.

I can’t do this without You.

My mind and body need to rest.

I need rest for my heart and soul.

My insecurities, fears, and worries are ever before me.

I feel as though I’m drowning.

Please Lord, come to my rescue!

Please do not withhold Your mercy from me.

I need You.

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets – You are God.

In Your presence is fullness of joy, even in the midst of pain and trials.

Help me to rest in You.

I can’t do this–but You can and You will.

Lord, You are the lifter of my head.

You are my strength.

You provide everything I need to survive.

You see me.

You know every struggle and every fear.

You are in control.