Lord, this pain will certainly leave a scar.

Had I not loved so deeply, certainly the mark of heartbreak would be long gone by now.

But still I thank You for the privilege of loving so deeply.

Thank You for loving me first.

I know what love is because You gave so much.

You gave Your life away for me – for my life, my joy, my eternity – for my scars.

Will You take everything I have surrendered into Your hands and make it Yours?

Will You be glorified through this shattered vessel?

Will You spread Your love over all this hurt?

Will You make my scars beautiful?

My tears are Yours, for to You alone I lift up my life.

You are my Healer.

You are a whisper of hope.

When the troubles of this moment try to block out all that is life, You break through the darkness and lead me to safety.

These trials that seem to never end – they will end someday.

You are my promise of life.

In Your love I find redemption.

In Your Word I find life.

Jesus, because of Your scars I can run to You with mine.

I hold on to You always, Lord, because You are enough.