I have not always treasured You in my heart.

I have tried to fill my life with this world and the many things that cannot satisfy my yearning soul.

I have searched for satisfaction and fulfillment apart from You, and I have been left broken and empty, disillusioned and distraught.

I have treasured and craved my own comfort more than Your presence.

Oh Father, forgive me.

I lacked wisdom, but You gave generously to me even though I did not deserve it.

I needed guidance, and You instructed me and showed me the way to go.

You counseled me and watched over me.

In my weakness, Your grace was sufficient and Your power was made perfect.

Lord, thank You for always making a way for me to run back to You.

Thank You for the forgiveness and restoration I find in You alone.

I need You.

Lord, You are so good to me.

I am Your treasured possession.

How can that be?

Though You see the depths and motives of my heart, You love me anyway.

You are amazing!

God, You are faithful to all Your promises and loving toward all You have made.

You uphold me when I fall and lift me up when I am bowed down.

I will sing of Your love, faithfulness, and greatness, for You are my fortress, my refuge in times of trouble…

my loving, compassionate God.

Lord, be my heart’s desire and treasure.