You can be trusted completely, Lord.

When all else fails, You will never fail me.

You will never lie to me.

You will always keep Your promises.


Lord, if I have trusted in anything or anyone other than You, please forgive me and help me to seek You.

Lord, this world makes promises it cannot fulfill or keep.

You alone are the faithful Promise Keeper.


When I don’t know where to turn, turn my heart toward You.

When I have exhausted all earthly options, help me to remember You.

When my eyes are filled with tears, lift my gaze toward heaven.

When I want to give up, cradle me in Your healing hands.

When it seems impossible to trust, please, Lord, do the impossible in my heart.


Help me to trust You with my fears.

Help me to trust You with every tear.

Help me to trust You with my anger and frustration.

Lord, please help me to trust You with my doubt and unbelief.

In every detail of my life, help me to trust You completely.

In this very moment, I will trust You, Lord!