Lord, I long to be a reflection of You.

Until You call me home, help me to bless Your name.

Be magnified and glorified with every breath I take.

Even when I find myself broken and frightened by the circumstances in my life, fill me with a longing for the things that are not of this world.

When the weight of life’s burdens drain me, help me to cast all my worry and fear upon You because You care for me.

Lord, help me to slow down and find rest in Your loving arms.

Teach me how to surrender what I cannot keep and cling to the promises that are mine forever.

Lord, fix my heart on the heavenly treasure that awaits all of Your children.

In You there is a peace beyond understanding that heals my soul.

There is hope beyond this life, beyond this moment.

Until You call, help me to focus on the guarantee of what is to come.

What You have in store is far more wonderful than anything I have ever known.

Woven deep within me is a fierce longing to be with You.

To walk the streets of gold, holding Your hand.

To drink deeply the living water that flows from Your glorious throne.

Oh Lord, to taste and see Your goodness.

To be at home.

You have already determined my days here on earth;

You have decreed the exact number of months I will live and have set limits that I cannot exceed.

You give me every breath and provide for all my needs, yet heaven calls my name.

When I finally make it home, what a day that will be.

Thank You for giving me so much to look forward to.