So many things clamor for our attention, Lord.

Our focus and time are often spent on meaningless things.

We search for what cannot satisfy and allow the junk of this world to clutter our lives.

We are distracted.

Lord, be our focus.

Help me to be a living example of what it is to be Christ centered.

Purify the areas in my life where I have allowed the world in and the enemy access.

Please guide me into all truth so that all may see that You are my life.

Whatever is true and noble, whatever is praiseworthy and excellent, whatever is of You, Jesus, fix my heart and mind on such things.

Lord, please protect my family and me from all that would try to distract us and draw us away from You.

When the temptations of this world entice us, please give us the strength to walk away.

Help us to know that Your way is best.

Help us always do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

Please, heavenly Father, help us to be people after Your heart.

Encourage us with the truth of Your Word.

Pierce our hearts with an overwhelming affection for You.

You have all we need and desire.

You alone satisfy.