From the intricate magnificence of an infant forming in a mother’s womb to the sprawling heavens with their billions of shimmering galaxies nestled in the night skies, You spoke and it was…

From the fierce seas, their waves foaming in power against the shoreline, to the splendor of creation’s majesty, rainbows, shooting stars, and animals great and small,

You spoke and it was…

And here I am in the midst of it all, facedown and longing for a tender touch from Your hand.

Longing for Your gentle voice to soothe the pain in my heart.

Longing to lay my head upon Your chest, where my cries are heard by You.

To breathe in sync with Your divine heartbeat and behold You and Your glory in this place of sorrow.

How is it that even in my darkness I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end He will stand upon this earth?

Oh, how my heart and soul yearn deep within me.

While I wait for deliverance to come, You offer Your heart, to comfort me.

Because You alone are the remedy for my brokenness.

You, the Mighty God, in whom the fullness of all majesty, power, and glory resides, You have commanded the universe to be, and You chose to have Your heart broken so that in You my heart can be made whole.

My heart can be healed and made new.

Without You being fragile and willing, I would never be able to run to You with my vulnerability and trust that You know and care.

Who is like You?