You came to me and touched me and I’ll never be the same.

I’m overwhelmed.

This is incredible, even indescribable.

The person I was has died and I am a new person, a new creation in You.

You promised that You are coming back again, coming to take me away and dry my tears.

To keep me safe with You forever.

Until then, You have left Your heart with me.

And it breaks with the things that break You and it rejoices with the things You rejoice in, because I feel what You feel.

I love with Your love.

You have left Your heart with me so I can know You and Your hopes, Your Word, and Your plan.

I’ve been born again. I am Your child.

I will cry out to You…Abba, Father…Daddy.

Please, Daddy, come quickly.

And I will follow the still, small voice I hear as Your heart whispers to mine…

“I’m here, child. I’m here with you.”