Without a Word

Without a Word by Jill Kelly.

It has been more than Twelve Years since Without a Word was published in 2010.  God’s message of life, love, and laughter in the midst of pain and suffering is even stronger today.

Without a Word is more than a memoir, this book contains a mother’s heart – pieces of precious, journaled memories engraved on her soul – as well as her long journey from resentment to forgiveness as a wife. Here, too, are intimate reflections from Jim and from those who walked with the Kellys through the shadow of death and into the Light of Hope.

Without a Word blends remarkable achievement with passion, sacrifice, love, pain, and human interest. It takes the reader into the lives of a celebrity couple, pro football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and his wife, Jill, to reveal the Kelly family’s private struggle and how eight and a half years with their severely disabled, terminally ill son, Hunter, unfolded in a redemptive and transforming manner. The light of Hunter’s love through his brief and silent life shone into the shadowed corners of Jill and Jim’s lives, resulting in Jill’s belief that Jesus Christ was authentic, her learning to forgive Jim for past indiscretions, and finally resulting in Jim’s seeking and finding God. Lessons gleaned from Hunter’s life and death, and Jim and Jill’s struggle to save their marriage during tumultuous times, make this a compelling and inspiring read.

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See below for excerpts from Without a Word

While I Wait

The gift of Hunter’s life will continue to astound me for as long as I live. Through Hunter, God made death a fearless passage. He taught us to look to our next life with a longing that only He can bestow.

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I Felt Free

After all was said and done, as we stood up to walk Pastor Rich to the front door, Jill gave me a hug. I don’t ever remember feeling the way I did when she gave me that hug. I needed her forgiveness.

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Thanks From My Heart

By Erin Kelly

I know God has a reason for your suffering, even though I don’t understand it all. You were put in my life for a reason. If it were not for God blessing me with you as my brother, I would be lost in this broken world.

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My Brother Hunter

By Camryn Kelly

I love letting balloons go up to heaven. My cousin Ben asked my mommy if balloons can really go up to Hunter.

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My Best Friend

This morning, the biggest dragonfly ever perched itself on our kitchen screen for several hours, allowing us to observe it from all angles and notice how amazingly complex and beautiful it is. Robert said that he thought Hunter would really like the dragonfly because he likes bugs so much.

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Here’s part of what Hunter said in his acceptance speech after receiving the Good Scout Award for Bravery:

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