I am very happy to be Hunter James Kelly. Although I am unable to do a lot of things, I am able to do what is most important – and that is to love. God is so good to me. He blessed me with a very important mission here on earth, and all of you are helping me to achieve it. Hunter’s Hope is so special to my family and me. You all have been so generous in helping us to raise awareness and funds to help my friends with this terrible disease. And, believe me, this disease is awful.

But more important than all of that, God asked me to teach all of you about Him and His amazing love for all of us. Sometimes we get carried away with the things of this world that really don’t matter, when all that really matters is that we fulfill the purpose for which God created each one of us. My purpose is to show all of you that God’s love is the best, and that prayer really can move mountains and give strength to the weak and hope to those who have none.

You see, it’s not about me; it’s all about Him. I love being a six-year-old boy, but I love being God’s little warrior even more. I am thankful for God and all the people that love me and help me to be brave.

… Without a Word pages 147