Michael, Jenna, Jackson, Reed, and Skylar

Podcast Episode Show Notes

The God Who Moves Mountains

Maybe you feel like you’re in a valley. Looking up at the mountain of pain in front of you wondering if you’ll ever be able to climb out. But what if it’s the mountains in your life that birth a powerful message of hope that can help pull someone else out of their own valley…

In Jenna’s episode, she shares the story of her incredible son, Jackson. A boy who was never able to move, but whose life moved mountains.


Jenna Wallace

My name is Jenna Wallace, and I am a wife to a wonderful man and a lucky mother of 3 beautiful kids, one of which is in heaven. I am a sinner in need of grace, and am grateful for a savior who loves me abundantly and cares to know me intimately. I am also an elementary PE teacher by trade and a sports enthusiast who just loves to be outside when I get a chance.

Our family hails from the great state of Texas!

Wallace Family Story

Learn more about the Wallace Family story here.

The Jackson Project

Through their foundation, The Jackson Project. the Wallace Family has donated over $100,000 towards the Hunter’s Hope Family Programs, helping Leukodystrophy children and their families.

Learn more about the Family Programs here.

LCN Steering Committee

Mike served for several years as a member of the Hunter’s Hope Leukodystrophy Care Network Steering Committee, donating his time and talent in helping to ensure Leukodystrophies have the best possible medical care.

Learn more about Leukodystrophy Care Network here.

About the Disease

Krabbe is one of many diseases in a disease family called Leukodystrophies. Learn more about Leukodystrophies here.

Learn more about Krabbe Disease here.

About Newborn Screening

Learn more about how early detection through Newborn Screening saves lives.