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2017 Symposium May Family Brody
2017 Symposium May Family Brody
Hadnot, My'Anna and Jackson May
Hadnot, My'Anna and Jackson May
Hadnot, My'Anna and Conner May3
Hadnot, My'Anna and Conner May3
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Phil, Amy, Jackson, Conner, Dylan, and Sophie

Podcast Episode Show Notes

Faithful in the Fire

“I would rather walk through this fire with God than without God.”

Are you walking through the fire? Are you wondering how you’ll ever make it out alive? Have you been begging God to rescue you… asking Him to heal the heartache?

In Amy’s episode, she vulnerably shares her faith in Christ in the midst of unimaginable heartbreak. And it was in this that she came to realize that she would rather walk through the fire with God than without Him.


Amy May

We are Phil and Amy May. We have been married 29 years and we have four children. Jackson is 24, Conner is 21, Dylan is in heaven (and would be 18 in earthly years) and Sophie is 15. We had three wonderful boys, as of October 4, 2004, when our world came crashing down. That day, Dylan was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease, at 8 ½ months old. Our first inkling that something might be wrong was when Dylan did not sit up at 7 months. His checkup at 6 months had been perfectly normal. We took him to his Pediatrician, who shared our concern and started some testing. We were sent to the Genetics Clinic at Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. We began to notice more alarming things. The doctors used the word “regression”, and we had no idea how serious it was to lose skills. Dylan could no longer suck his thumb, which had given him such comfort. After several weeks of excruciating waiting and eliminating various treatable illnesses, we were given the diagnosis of Krabbe Disease. We were handed a printout describing the horrible decline, debilitation and ultimate death that our precious little boy would face. We were told to contact Dr. Kurtzberg at Duke to determine if Dylan was a candidate for a stem cell transplant. That single suggestion was the total advice we were given. From there, we started to “recreate the wheel”, as each Krabbe family before us must have done. That is why we are part of the LCN. Our desire is for every child with the devastating diagnosis of Leukodystrophy to be given the best possible care.

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Amy provides comfort for families in the Hunter’s Hope Comfort Booklet.  You can read her message “Letting Go of ‘Why?'” here and “The Valley” here.

Phil May on Board

Phil is a member of the Hunter’s Hope Board of Directors, donating his time and talent in support of the families we serve.

Learn more about Hunter’s Hope here.

Phil and Amy on LCN Steering Committee

Phil and Amy serve as members of the Hunter’s Hope Leukodystrophy Care Network Steering Committee, donating their time and talent in helping to ensure Leukodystrophies have the best possible medical care.

Learn more about Leukodystrophy Care Network here.

About the Disease

Krabbe is one of many diseases in a disease family called Leukodystrophies. Learn more about Leukodystrophies here.

Learn more about Krabbe Disease here.