Kyle, Christin, Mabry Kate, and Owen

Podcast Episode Show Notes

Giving the Unknown to the God Who Knows

“You quickly learn that he has this huge plan for you that keeps impacting lives around you. And you can see it every day. If you just stop and look at it.”

Are you chasing control in a life that feels completely out of control? Are you in a season of unknown… waiting, wondering, worrying? Are you questioning God’s plans and pondered how it could ever turn out for good? Let’s get real – you are not in control… You were never meant to be. When we strive to control the details of our life, we lose sight of the God who is in control. The God who knows and promises to work all things out for our good.

In today’s episode you will hear Kyle and Christin’s story. The story of how they released control into the arms of Christ in the midst of loss, pain, and heartache… giving the unknown to the God who knows.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)


Kyle and Christin Webb

To tell the story of sweet Owen, we must first start with the story of his sister, Mabry Kate. Mabry Kate was born seemingly happy and healthy on March 13, 2014. She was cooing, smiling, and interacting like most babies do until she was almost three months of age. From our initial feeling that something wasn’t quite right until her diagnosis three months later, Mabry Kate suffered some brutal symptoms that didn’t seem to fit together. She experienced things such as feeding difficulties, weight loss, muscle spasms, nerve pain, stiffness in her arms and legs, and much more. No one in our hometown could provide us with any answers.

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Owen’s Wish Gift

Owen and his family were so excited to bring home their newest family member Duke! Duke is Owen’s service dog and he was in training for almost 2 years to be able to assist and protect Owen.

Learn more about Hunter’s Hope Wish Gift Program here.

Christin on LCN Steering Committee

Christin serves on the Hunter’s Hope Leukodystrophy Care Network Steering Committee, donating her time and talent in helping to ensure Leukodystrophies have the best possible medical care.

Learn more about Leukodystrophy Care Network here.


Christin provides comfort for families in the Hunter’s Hope Comfort Booklet.  You can read her message here.

About the Disease

Krabbe is one of many diseases in a disease family called Leukodystrophies. Learn more about Leukodystrophies here.

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About Newborn Screening

Learn more about how early detection through Newborn Screening saves lives.

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